Facts About Municipal Assurance Corp.

High Financial Strength Ratings


Stable Outlook


Stable Outlook

MAC is a U.S. Muni-Only Bond Insurer with a Proven Business Model

  • A subsidiary of Assured Guaranty - the leader in municipal bond insurance.
  • $905 million in claims-paying resources and an investment portfolio of $783 million.1
  • Established with a substantial book of reinsured business and embedded unearned premium reserve that will generate predictable future earnings.
  • Unconditionally and irrevocably guarantees timely payment of principal and interest when due.
  • Protects investors from municipal defaults and bankruptcies.
  • Licensed to insure municipal bonds in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

MAC Practices Conservative Underwriting and Risk Management

  • Guarantees primarily small and medium-size issues in select categories, such as G.O. and tax-backed bonds and public electric, water, sewer and transportation revenue bonds.
  • 100% U.S. municipal exposures diversified across all 50 states (including reinsured portfolio).
  • Insures only U.S. municipal transactions that meet its disciplined underwriting criteria and diversification requirements.
  • Size limits on individual transactions as well as risk concentration limits.
  • Domiciled in New York and subject to insurance regulation in all states where it is licensed.
  • Provides continuous surveillance of every credit in its insured portfolio.

Facts About Assured Guaranty

  • Claims-paying resources of approximately $12 billion across the group.1
  • Three decades of experience.
  • Committed to protecting debt holders from payment defaults and to helping issuers obtain cost efficient access to capital.
  • Proven record of timely payment of investors' debt service claims as contractually obligated. Investors in Assured Guaranty-wrapped obligations of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Jefferson County, Alabama; Stockton, California; and Detroit, Michigan have all received timely debt service payments.

MAC Benefits from Assured Guaranty's:

  • Seasoned executive officers and senior managers.
  • Disciplined underwriting and enterprise risk management.
  • Experience in surveillance and remediation.
  • Established accounting, legal, and information technology infrastructure.

MAC Provides Transparency

  • Subsidiary of a public company that is subject to New York Stock Exchange and SEC regulation and therefore held to higher legal standards of disclosure, oversight and transparency than non-public companies.
  • Credit Summaries on its website provide financial and economic data on insured new-issue obligations.


1June 30, 2018 Statutory Financial Information – admitted assets: $5.5B (Assured Guaranty Municipal Corp.), $3.1B (AGC), $0.8B (MAC); total liabilities $3.2B (Assured Guaranty Municipal Corp.), $1.1B (AGC), $0.6B (MAC); contingency reserves: $1.0B (Assured Guaranty Municipal Corp.), $0.6B (AGC), $0.2B (MAC); surplus to policyholders $2.3B (Assured Guaranty Municipal Corp.), $2.1B (AGC), $0.3B (MAC).

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